Liturgical Institute Summer Program


Earn a Master's Degree in Liturgy in five summer sessions or simply come for a course! 


At The Liturgical Institute, you’ll find a positive, joyful and faithful approach to praying and studying the Church’s liturgy. Maybe it’s the friendly nature of our students, faculty, and staff, the pastoral setting of the campus and its beautiful architecture, or the ease with which the Tradition and magisterial teaching of the Church are integrated into a curriculum firmly rooted in the ideals of the Second Vatican Council. Perhaps it’s the sung Mass and Liturgy of the Hours, the field trips, the meals and impromptu discussions, and high quality of instructors and visiting speakers. There’s a remarkable experience to be found at The Liturgical Institute, one which will help refresh your soul and renew the Church.



Summer 2020 Course Offerings


Session I: June 8 to June 26

Sources and Methods in Liturgiology (2 credits): Dr. Lynne Boughton

Students are introduced to the primary literary sources for Liturgiology and to various methods of approaching them that are found in secondary sources. The focus is on liturgical documents, although other documents pertaining to the liturgy will also be discussed. The time period under consideration extends from the first centuries of Christianity to the Second Vatican Council. Students will be provided with a history of liturgical books and developments in liturgy as a means of more deeply appropriating the tradition that underlies the liturgical books in use today.


Liturgical Participation (1.5 credits): Fr. Dennis Gill

Full, conscious, and active participation in the Sacred Liturgy requires more than “the mere observance of rubrics.” This course provides an in-depth treatment of the biblical, theological and liturgical foundations for genuine engagement with the liturgical celebration. Approached from the perspective both of ordained ministers and lay faithful, the course unveils the hidden treasures of the liturgy and proposes strategies for liturgical catechesis.

Session II: June 29 to July 17


Liturgical Art and Architecture (2 credits): Dr. Denis McNamara

Symbol is the fundamental medium for worship and its ritual elaboration, and liturgical art and architecture are understood as part of the symbol system of the rite. The following are examined for their relevance to the proper understanding of Catholic worship: the classical inheritance, ritual anthropology, and theories of symbol and language. Particular attention is given to the tradition of Catholic architecture through the centuries, movements in Modernism and Post-Modernism, and recent moves toward a reintegration of tradition in new design. This course will address styles, types, and meanings in sacred architecture and the allied arts with a focus on the developments and movements of the 20th century. The course will use examples from the history or architecture to foster understanding and discussion of the larger theological and philosophical ideas associates with architecture. Special attention will be paid to working upward from the facts of a building to the Truth to which they point.


Liturgical Participation and Training (1.5 credits): Chris Carstens

Practical and theological questions regarding the collaboration of the non-ordained faithful in the priests’ sacred ministry are discussed and examined. Students study the liturgical and para-liturgical rites at which laity may preside, and the procedures and preparation required for these celebrations. Also treated are the practical matters of organizing and overseeing the liturgical life of a diocese, parish, community, or other Catholic institution, including the training and oversight of lay liturgical ministry and the organization and operation of an office of worship.







Frequently Asked Questions


What are the dates for the summer session?

The 2020 summer session begins on June 8 and ends on July 17. It is composed of two 3-week terms comprised of 2 classes each for a total of 7 semester credits.


What degree can I earn in attending the Liturgical Institute in the summer?

By attending the summers-only program of the Liturgical Institute, students can earn a Master’s Degree in Liturgy or a Master of Arts in Liturgical Studies. For more information on these degree programs, click here.


Does the Institute offer room and board for students?

The Institute offers single, air-conditioned rooms with private baths for all single students and the University dining hall serves meals throughout the summer session.


Can I attend the Liturgical Institute part-time?

Yes, part-time and at-large students are welcome at the Liturgical Institute after completing the standard application process. Come for one course or stay for the degree.


How many hours per day are students in class?

Typically, students are in class between 8:30 am and noon daily, with all afternoons and weekends left free for study and research.


What are the liturgical arrangements during the summer session?

Liturgical Institute students gather each day in the beautiful Chapel of the Immaculate Conception for chanted Morning and Evening Prayer from the Mundelein Psalter and Mass with chanted English Propers. Students and faculty usually form a small schola for the singing of Mass parts and motets.


What do summer students do for fun?

Though the summer schedule is rigorous, the Liturgical Institute sponsors special meals and day trips. Students also arrange for their own outings to cultural offerings of Chicago and Milwaukee. Evening gatherings for movies and fellowship are common.






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