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In collaboration with Liturgy Training Publications, the Liturgical Institute produces books designed to reflect the Institute's purpose, character and ideals. The imprint, entitled Hillenbrand Books, is innovative and scholarly, advancing the Catholic theological tradition in relation to the liturgical and sacramental life of the Church. The books in the imprint incorporate classical and modern scholarship in a clear and direct style so as to serve the needs of professors, pastors, students, and laity. The principle that all theology is pastoral in intent and that all pastoral life must be rooted in solid theological understanding inform Hillenbrand Books. The imprint is firmly committed to the decisions, initiatives and reforms of the Church in the area of liturgy during and since the Second Vatican Council.






Hillenbrand Books:


  • provide accessible, accurate, comprehensive, and authoritative studies in liturgical and sacramental theology;

  • foster respect within the Church for a legitimate diversity of opinions and practices as allowed for and governed by Church law;

  • support the renewal of the Catholic ethos in liturgy, open to transcendence, solemnity, and beauty, especially in the areas of music, art, and architecture;

  • recognize the importance of expressions of popular devotion that are derived from and extend the liturgical life of the Church;

  • acknowledge the principle of the preeminence of the authority of the Apostolic See in liturgical matters, and, as provided by Church law, the competence particular to the Conferences of Bishops concerning the regulation of liturgical life of the universal and local Church, respectively.

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