Liturgical Institute Online Program


Earn a Master's Degree through our flexible and innovative program! 


At the Liturgical Institute, we know that it can be difficult to uproot your family or leave your job to further your education. Through our online degree program, you can now earn a Master of Arts in Liturgy (MAL) or Master of Arts in Liturgical Studies (MALS). Attend virtually, or watch on-demand.

Features of the Online Degree

  • Our classes are offered both synchronously and asynchronously. Lectures are recorded from our full-time program and uploaded to Microsoft Teams. Attend remotely, or watch on your own schedule.

  • Students can expect 1 hour of live interaction with the professor per credit hour. These group sessions will be scheduled throughout the semester.

  • Students are required to attend on campus formation for one week each summer. This will be scheduled during the last week of our summer degree program annually (usually the third week of July). 

  • Tuition is about half that of our full time on-campus degree. The annual amount is due before classes begin each fall. Click here to see our tuition rates.

  • Scholarships are not available for the online degrees.

  • Currently, we need permission from your state in order for you to attend online; therefore, the earlier you apply, the better. This does not apply to international applicants or those who reside in Illinois.