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There is much discussion in the Church today concerning the best ways to invite and form people to become missionary disciples. In Liturgical Catechesis in the 21st Century: A School of Discipleship, theologian and catechist Dr. James Pauley explores the sacred action most essential to forming genuine disciples: the transformative encounter with God in the liturgy. Drawing upon important twentieth-century intellectual influences as well as the experience of several of today’s foremost catechetical leaders, this book will inspire readers with a promising new vision for sacramental preparation and mystagogical catechesis, one that places maximum emphasis on apprenticing people into an active and fruitful sacramental life in Christ.


James Pauley, STD, is Professor of Theology and Catechetics at Franciscan University of Steubenville. He is the editor of The Catechetical Review.  He received his licentiate and doctorate in sacred theology from the Liturgical Institute at the University of Saint Mary of the Lake, Mundelein IL. Dr. Pauley is a frequent speaker at many national or diocesan conferences. 


Watch: Dr. James Pauley talks about how the catechist can support fruitful sacramental living.

Listen: Dr. James Pauley gives a presentation on liturgical catechesis.


“Liturgical Catechesis in the 21st Century: A School of Discipleship reveals the insightful, well-researched voice of a gifted catechist and an accomplished liturgical scholar; not from an ivory tower, but from the trenches of hard-won pastoral experience.  James Pauley brings the Church’s liturgical-catechetical tradition to life, makes it present and relevant, and offers today’s pastoral ministers, catechists, and liturgists new vision and strategies to revitalize parish life and help accomplish that ‘transformational encounter with God’ needed for missionary discipleship.”

Gloria F. Zapiain, MA
Director, Secretariat for Evangelization, Catechesis, and Faith Formation
Archdiocese of San Antonio




“Here is a gift to the Church as we enter a new era when Catholics who remain ‘superficial’ in their prayer lives and ‘remote’ in their knowledge of Christ are being overwhelmed by the values of our passing age. Liturgy can be our source of life in God if instruction is more encounter, teaching more communion between learner and Christ, and catechesis more an ignition of supernatural desire. All catechists, clergy, and theologians will benefit from this book if they receive it for what it is: a cry to allow the supernatural to order the passing on of the truths of our faith. Only then will knowledge give birth to devout worship.”

Deacon James Keating, PHD

Director of Theological Formation

Institute for Priestly Formation

Creighton University, Omaha, NE

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“With the skill of an historian and the heart of a catechist, James Pauley presents a compelling vision for a contemporary renewal of parish life, a renewal based on helping our people to better encounter God in the sacraments. This book will change the way we look at catechesis.”                           

Most Reverend James Wall

Bishop of Gallup, New Mexico

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