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Profound Preaching  with Fr. David Mowry

November 15, 2019
University of St. Mary of the Lake 
1000 E Maple Ave. Mundelein, IL 60060
COST: $99

The Word Became Flesh: Preaching as Sacrament

[for priests and deacons]


The Catholic sacramental imagination rightly sees the created world as capable of communicating the grace of God. But what sacramental role can be given to the created word? When the homilist mounts the ambo or the catechist breaks open the Gospel, human words are put in service to the Word of God, and where God is present, transformation follows. If humble bread and wine can become the Real Presence of Christ, should we not expect words of Gospel proclamation to be more than just reminders of the Word? Fr. David Mowry, instructor of homiletics at Mundelein Seminary, explores the nature of word, language, and Scripture in order to highlight the proper place of preaching and proclamation within the sacramental imagination of the Church.


Talk Topics

  1. The Relationship of Word and Sacrament

  2. The Sacramentality of Language

  3. The Sacramentality of Scripture

  4. The Sacramentality of the Saints

  5. The Sacramentality of Preaching




Fr. David Mowry is a priest of the Diocese of Joliet. Ordained in 2013, he served as parochial vicar for five years. He received the Licentiate in Sacred Theology from the University of St. Mary of the Lake in 2018. His licentiate thesis was entitled “God Has Spoken to Us: Revelation in the Theology of Joseph Ratzinger and the Mysticism of Teresa of Avila.” He currently serves as instructor of homiletics at the University of St. Mary of the Lake/Mundelein Seminary.

Conference Schedule

8:30        Arrival and Check-in

9:00        Session I

10:00      Break

10:15       Session II

11:15        Break

11:30      Session III

12:30pm Lunch, Dining Hall

1:30       Optional Q&A with Instructor, Room 106

2:00       Session IV

3:00       Break

3:15       Session V

4:15       Dismissal and Distribution of Certificates