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Outstanding students, teachers and Church leaders choose The Liturgical Institute as a place to pray and study the Church’s sacred liturgy. The Liturgical Institute combines a joyful fidelity to the authoritative teaching of the Church with a creative approach to theological and pastoral questions of the modern liturgical movement and the Second Vatican Council. With their mix of theological, historical and practical coursework, our graduate programs offer you the skills you need to address the theoretical and practical needs of today’s diocesan and parish requirements. 


Chanted Liturgy of the Hours and daily Mass form a constitutive part of the Liturgical Institute’s programs, bringing the riches of the liturgical books to the classroom and the knowledge of the classroom to lived prayer. Liturgical Institute alumni — laity, clergy and religious — work across the globe as liturgical professionals who lead others to the treasures of the source and summit of the Church’s life. Join us to earn a degree that refreshes your soul and helps renew the Church. 


The Institute offers an integrated and balanced program for the advancement of the renewal promoted by the Church, rooted in the ideals of the twentieth-century liturgical movement, the writings of recent popes, including Saint Pius X, John Paul II and Benedict XVI, and the authentic achievements of the post-conciliar era. To this end, students enjoy a mix of intense study and research; invigorating lectures and discussions; and active, intelligent participation in the Institute’s liturgical life with the daily celebration of Mass and the Liturgy of the Hours.


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